High Performance Polymers: The Vanguard of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

High Innovation in 3D Printing: Cultivating High Performance Polymers in Our Digital Factory

Spring is in full bloom, and in our digital factory, the energy is renewed. As nature explodes in color and fragrance, we are committed to “cultivating” high-performance polymers with passion and dedication. 3D printing and additive manufacturing are experiencing a new season, and we are at the forefront of innovative materials production. Here are some of the technologies we are using:

  • FORTUS 400 with ULTEM1010: A high-performance polymer offering exceptional thermal, chemical and mechanical strength properties.
  • FORTUS 450 with PA12 + 35% Carbon fiber: By combining the strength of nylon with carbon fibers, we get a lightweight yet incredibly strong material.
  • FORTUS 380 with PA12 + 35% Carbon fiber and Polycarbonate: Offers flexibility and strength, ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.
  • FORTUS F900 with PA12 + 35% Carbon fiber: The ultimate polymer for large-scale additive manufacturing with unmatched strength.

The Polymer Revolution in 3D Printing

These materials represent just the tip of the iceberg of what is possible with modern 3D printing technology. We are pushing the limits of what is achievable, experimenting with new polymers that can revolutionize entire industries, from medicine to aerospace engineering.

The key to this success lies in our dedication to research and development. The use of high-performance polymers in 3D printing is not just a matter of technology, but a real manufacturing philosophy. Personalization, speed, efficiency and sustainability are at the core of our daily work.

In our digital factory, spring is not just a change of season, but a symbol of the continuous renewal and innovation that drives each of our projects. If you would like to learn more about the world of 3D printing and the use of high-performance polymers in additive manufacturing, please follow us on LinkedIn and on our social channels.

Our passion is your solution. High-performance polymer 3D printing is the future, and we are ready to guide you on this exciting adventure. Join us and discover what is possible to accomplish!