Additive Manufacturing

Post Processing

Post Processing is the set of operations that are performed after 3D printing to improve the aesthetic properties, performance, and functionality of the finished product.
These may include substrate removal, cleaning, sanding, painting, staining, metallization, and thermoforming, among others.

This step is critical to ensure that the final product not only meets design specifications, but is also ready for real-world use.

Sanding and sandblasting

We make the surface of FDM parts smooth, low dirt deposition and easy to clean. We achieve Ra 0.8/0.9 roughness, the standard we apply to components for medical, packaging or where required.

Installation of inserts

We apply self-tapping inserts in various metal materials, ensuring the required finish and attention to every detail.

XXL Components

We perform reconstitution by splicing with structural adhesives and/or metal stapling for components larger than the one-piece size 914x610x914 mm.


We waterproof parts with a one-component, water-based, air-drying polymer sealant that is certified for direct contact with food or other sensitive materials. Not a single drop will pass.

Laser marking

We make laser markings upon request to identify parts with useful information such as codes, logos, or expiration dates.


We carry out the painting of parts from 3d print in a wide range of colors and effects to ensure the desired appearance.

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