An idea, a sketch, a note… Our team develops your designs from scratch, but we also do Re-Design and Restyling, giving new life and appeal to existing products already on the market.

Concept development and redesign

Our creative process is based on a thorough research phase, which is essential to ensure effective, innovative product design that is consistent with the brand and the market.

Brand – We study brand positioning and perception, isolating and enhancing the distinctive elements of existing identity and products.

Moodboard – We carry out cross formal research in which we explore different sources of inspiration as the basis for concepts to be developed.

Discussion-We share and compare our research findings with the client and our team, stimulating brainstorming and alignment on the content covered. In this way, we set guidelines for the design of product concepts.

We create different concepts for each product, with solutions that vary in shape, material and color. We present designs via sketches, 3D models, or renderings to show each variant in detail.
Our designers are experienced and attentive to listening to the Client; they understand the Client’s needs and offer innovative, functional and tailored ideas.


We produce advanced multimedia files (3D, vector, photorealistic) and technical production or assembly boards for product development and industrialization. We can go further by creating a prototype with mixed traditional techniques and/or from 3DPrint and make an assessment of BOM costs, related to all the necessary components and raw materials.


Design for Additive Manufacturing

We can design components according to the technology
most appropriate additive, taking into account strength requirements,
durability, functionality and design. In this way we can get
Lightened, optimized and consolidated parts that respond best
to customer and market needs.


Turn your ideas into reality.
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