The new FORTUS 450mc has arrived.

Additive Manufacturing for plants, machines and automation.

We perform design, retrofitting and manufacturing of components for direct use with STRATASYS industrial systems.

Today on the Red Carpet the latest arrival in our Atelier, the FORTUS 450mc FULL version:

– Antero 800NA;
– ULTEM 1010;
– ULTEM 9085;
– Nylon 12;
– Nylon 12 35% CF;
– ST-130 (soluble spindles);
– PC and PC-ISO (ISO 10993 USP Class VI, gamma/EtO sterilized)
– ASA and ABS.

We don’t like to waste time, so already in production with direct-use components for professional Catering machine : batch of 200 kits in black ASA, slicing 0.127mm.
…and for the more technical, note that all support has been removed while keeping the geometry of the component strict…

And as always.
– Additive department separate from the finishing department;
– independently controlled temperature and humidity;
– generous UPS uninterruptible power supply system;
– cleanliness and confidentiality;
– bright and orderly environment;
– 100% certain delivery date;
– 100% courtesy and helpfulness;