ULTEM 1010: Unveiling the Power in Pure PEI 3D Printing

Welcome to the beating heart of our Digital Factory, a place where precision and perfection work in harmony to shape the future of 3D printing. Today, we highlight a gem among advanced materials: ULTEM 1010, a 100% amorphous Polyetherimide (PEI), a true testament of excellence.

Unrivaled Features of ULTEM 1010:


1. Amorphous Wonder:

In a world dominated by crystalline structures, ULTEM 1010 stands as an amorphous wonder, a 100% pure PEI without compromises. This uniqueness gives the material exceptional structural robustness and unprecedented wear resistance, shaping components destined to defy time.

2. NSF51 Certification for Food Contact:

Safety is at the core of ULTEM 1010, proudly boasting NSF51 certification for direct food contact. A reassurance for those seeking reliable and safe materials for applications involving food contact.

3. Extraordinary Chemical Resistance:

In the battle against corrosive substances, ULTEM 1010 emerges victorious. Its extraordinary chemical resistance makes it a reliable ally, withstanding aggressive agents like gasoline and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), opening doors to applications in harsh chemical environments.

4. Enduring Extreme Heat:

Facing heat with determination, ULTEM 1010 maintains its structural integrity even at high temperatures, reaching up to 250°C. This makes it suitable for challenging thermal tasks, ensuring performance in extreme conditions.

5. Mechanical Robustness and Wear Resistance:

The combination of rigid mechanical structure and intrinsic wear resistance makes ULTEM 1010 an unparalleled ally. A robust choice for components intended to withstand wear without sacrificing performance, contributing to the longevity of applications.

6. Excellence in Electrical Insulation:

Surpassing PA12 with a volumetric resistivity exceeding 7.0010^14 Ωcm2, ULTEM 1010 shines as a first-class electrical insulator. A preferred option for applications requiring superior electrical insulation, ensuring reliable performance over time.


DuePiGreco’s Precision in the Production Process

To achieve optimal performance with ULTEM, it is essential to have suitable machines, expertise, and an accurate preparation process. Here’s everything we monitor to ensure optimal results:

Coil traceability is essential to guarantee the quality and consistency of the material used. An effective traceability system allows monitoring the origin and history of the coils, ensuring they comply with required standards and are free from defects or contaminations that could compromise the final result.

– The correct chamber temperature is another crucial aspect. ULTEM requires a stable and controlled chamber temperature of at least 220°C to ensure uniform melting and good layer adhesion during the printing process. Inadequate temperature could lead to structural defects or lower quality of the final piece.

– A controlled post-printing cooling ramp is essential to avoid deformations or residual stresses in the printed piece. Too rapid or uncontrolled cooling could cause deformations or cracks in the material, compromising the precision and quality of the final piece. A controlled cooling ramp allows the material to solidify gradually, minimizing the risk of defects.

Material moisture level is another critical factor to consider. ULTEM is sensitive to moisture, and water absorption can negatively affect mechanical properties and print quality. It is important to store the material in a controlled environment and use appropriate drying techniques before printing to ensure low residual moisture in the material.

– Lastly, nozzle temperature is a key parameter to monitor during the printing process. Nozzle temperature affects the viscosity of the melted material and the quality of layer deposition. It is important to maintain the nozzle temperature within the recommended limits by the manufacturer to ensure uniform material distribution and good layer adhesion.



Beyond the Material: ULTEM 1010 as an Emblem of Precision

ULTEM 1010 is not just a material; it is an emblem of precision, durability, and versatility. Its amorphous structure, NSF51 certification, extraordinary chemical and thermal resistance make it an irreplaceable ally in the world of 3D printing. In our Digital Factory, we turn these capabilities into tangible realities, creating components that not only meet but exceed every expectation.

Every detail reflects perfection, and every component created in our Digital Factory is a living testimony of the precision that ULTEM 1010 brings to additive manufacturing.