Additive Manufacturing for Automotive: 3D Printing in the World of Racing

In the automotive and racing industries, 3D printing is playing an increasingly central role, offering innovative and efficient solutions. New technologies allow us to manufacture one-piece components up to 915 x 610 x 915mm, guaranteeing dimensional and shape tolerances to ISO 2768-mK standard, medium grade.

Technopolymers and Additive Manufacturing

Using high-performance engineering polymers such as ULTEM9085 and PA12+35% Carbon, we can create components that are properly processed for use in aerodynamic testing. These materials offer a unique combination of light weight and strength, ideal for the needs of the racing world.

The Services of Our Digital Factory

Our Digital Factory offers a full range of services, which go beyond just 3D printing. In addition to components made with Stratasys FORTUS series industrial systems, we offer:

  • Design and consulting in Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM);
  • Mechanical, industrial and product design and engineering;
  • Finishing and assembly workshop;
  • Shipping services, sales, marketing, administration;
  • And, above all, courtesy and kindness in every interaction with our customers.

3D Printing for Racing: A Bright Future

3D printing for racing represents one of the most exciting areas of growth in automotive additive manufacturing. The possibilities are almost endless, and we are only beginning to scratch the surface of what is possible with these advanced technologies.