Present and Future of 3D Printing: A Look at Trends and Future Prospects

Our market analyses and customer demands paint a positive picture for the future of the global 3D printing industry. Market growth, ecosystem maturation, and new technological innovations reflect a significant increase in interest in this ever-evolving sector.   The Growth of the 3D Printing Market What we are witnessing through our direct experience is that […]

Homogeneity in 3D Printing: A Key Factor for Product Quality and Consistency

In the realm of 3D printing, the quality and consistency of produced parts are crucial parameters, especially for industrial applications. The ability to produce components that are not only functional but also uniform and of high quality is fundamental to meeting the needs of sectors such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and many others. In this […]

Surface Finishing Techniques in 3D Printing: Enhancing Printed Parts at Due Pi Greco

At Due Pi Greco, we specialize in both the production process and in the equally important post-production. In 3D printing, achieving smooth surface finishes is often essential for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Smooth surfaces are particularly important for components such as mating parts, moving parts, and load-bearing surfaces. Although 3D printing processes typically build […]

ULTEM 1010: Unveiling the Power in Pure PEI 3D Printing

Welcome to the beating heart of our Digital Factory, a place where precision and perfection work in harmony to shape the future of 3D printing. Today, we highlight a gem among advanced materials: ULTEM 1010, a 100% amorphous Polyetherimide (PEI), a true testament of excellence. Unrivaled Features of ULTEM 1010:   1. Amorphous Wonder: In […]

Thermoplastics Enhancement: Challenges and Innovative Solutions

In the realm of additive manufacturing, Due Pi Greco stands out for its expertise in creating components through 3D printing using Ultra, High, and Engineering grade polymers, including composites on Stratasys Fortus series industrial systems. Comparison between Glass Fiber and Carbon Fiber in Composite Materials   Enhancing thermoplastics is a central goal in overcoming the […]

PA12 VS PC-ISO: Which Material is Better for Your Application?

In the world of 3D printing, the choice of material can have a significant impact on the performance and adaptability of the final product. At DuePiGreco, among others, we offer these two distinct materials: EOS‘s PA2200, also known as PA12, and Stratasys‘s PC-ISO. Both are biocompatible according to ISO10993 standards and suitable for medical applications […]