DfAM and 3D Print: Siemens Italy’s Choice

Siemens Italia Spa Building Technologies, a leader in the technology landscape, has chosen Due Pi Greco as its strategic partner. This collaboration is a testament to our confidence in our know-how and innovative approach to additive manufacturing.

Siemens has recognized the value of combining Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) and 3D printing to rise to the next level in manufacturing. This process allowed for consolidation and reduction of parts, simplifying components and reducing labor. At Due Pi Greco, we support Siemens by offering specialized consulting, using advanced parametric modelers and topological optimization tools.

The benefits of this collaboration are evident in the creation of user presence readers for Siemens Italy Spa Building Technologies:

  • Optimized ID card insertion: Tailored hardware protection.
  • Use of ASA: Perfect balance between cost and performance, weatherproof and UV-resistant.
  • Mechanical strength: Guaranteed protection for instrumentation.
  • Assembly with self-tapping inserts: Ideal for metric screws.
  • Efficiency in production: With a typical output of 15 to 20 assemblies per batch.

At the heart of our collaboration with Siemens is the Digital Factory in Due Pi Greco, where:

  • We manufacture one-piece components on Stratasys Fortus series systems.
  • We meet dimensional and shape tolerances according to ISO 2768-mK.
  • We provide state-of-the-art finishing and assembly services.
  • We offer consulting in DfAM.
  • We guarantee high-level design and engineering.

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