Medical analysis monitor

For Omnidermal Biomedics, an innovative device such as the Wound Viewer, dedicated to the analysis and evaluation of ulcers, required a top-notch design in line with its advanced technological qualities. The design, which balances soft and ergonomic lines, respects the aesthetic standards of the medical industry and facilitates the use of the product by healthcare professionals, making it a reference for 3D printing-based product engineering.

Once the design was defined, the next step was the industrialization of plastics, geared to the production technology chosen by the customer. Careful work on optimizing the overall dimensions and fixings of internal components, always respecting the initial style. Finally, to complete product development, a prototyping and assembly phase was initiated. Using our Stratasys professional printers, we printed a pre-series of devices made of biocompatible material, ready for direct use in medical laboratories, confirming the central role of 3D printing in product engineering.