Medical Hygienization Device

Engineering Lava Endoscopes

Together with our customer, we developed a sophisticated endoscope washer from scratch, further pushing the quality level of the industry. The industrial product engineering process involved structural, functional and kinematic aspects of the device. This complex challenge brought us great satisfaction upon completion of the project.

Avant-Garde Prototyping and Design

Before proceeding with the construction of the prototype, we enriched our endoscope lava with an elegant design without compromising its functionality. Despite the limitations given by the small footprint and the specificity of the product, we managed to achieve an aesthetically pleasing product that can be perfectly integrated into advanced hospital facilities. Next, we built the “prototype zero,” using our Stratasys printers for additive manufacturing with biocompatible materials. After a thorough testing and calibration phase, the device made its market debut, exemplifying our expertise in industrial product engineering.